Hello, my name is Marisa!

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™ who specializes in candida overgrowth. I use a holistic approach to help women get to the root of their candida overgrowth and rebalance their gut microflora.

I was educated at the University of Calgary where I attained a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology. I also attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in British Columbia where I obtained a diploma in Natural Nutrition and Holistic Culinary Certificate.

I have been on my own health journey for quite some time. I developed GI issues well into my second year of University where I was given a general diagnosis of IBS. For years I sought out help from different medical professionals who ran various tests on me. I was always sent home with the same phrase, "I'm sorry, it looks like you just have IBS". I was never given any instructions on how to manage my diagnoses or overcome it for that matter. After many years of suffering from chronic constipation, bloating, brain fog, and food sensitivities, I figured it was time to become my own advocate for my health. I decided to seek out help from a Naturopathic Doctor. Through a live blood cell analysis, I was diagnosed with candida overgrowth, mold toxicity, leaky gut, and parasites. I had a very poorly functioning liver and my immune system was shot.

Despite the setbacks I have faced with my chronic digestion hardships, I am beyond grateful for the health challenges I have endured, as they led me onto the path of studying and practicing holistic nutrition. The Natural Nutrition Program at CSNN truly changed my life. Throughout my studies, I learned how to get to the root of my digestive issues in a natural, holistic way. Now I can look back on my hardest days and know that it happened for a reason. My purpose in life is to help women get to the root of their candida overgrowth and to teach them how to regain control of their digestion and overall health and well-being.



Canadian School of Natural Nutrition - Diploma in Natural Nutrition, Holistic Culinary Certificate

University of Calgary - Bachelors Degree in Sociology